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The 3 Pillars of Successful Retirement Plans

    Your Retirement. Your Way.
    The Future You’ve Envisioned.

    As life expectancy rates rise in the United States, retirement planning should be on everyone’s radar. At Park Place Financial in Bellaire, Texas, we can help you navigate your retirement confidence. We want you to enjoy doing what you love, even as you approach retirement age. Partnering with Park Place Financial means crafting a retirement savings plan designed for your specific needs.

    No Matter Your Age,
    Preparation For Retirement is Key.

    It’s no secret that the cost of living is increasing every year. Preparing for these additional expenses through your retirement savings plan can help you feel sustainable and secure in your future.

    Park Place Financial in Bellaire, Texas offers prudent retirement strategies. We are fiduciaries, which means we hold ourselves and our staff to a high standard of ethics and legalities. We always act in our clients’ best interests, not for our profit, but for the clients. We act on your behalf with the utmost honesty and integrity, seeking to minimize conflicts of interest and showcase transparency and trustworthiness in all we do.

    Our Mission is to Help You Reach Your Short and Long Term Retirement Goal

    Our mission is to help manage and grow your assets in order to provide you with the retirement you have worked hard for. We base all of our decisions on your current financial standings and where you want to go, as well as adjust continually for changes in your circumstances and goals. Our financial retirement planners work together as a team so you can enjoy the benefit of different perspectives, experiences, and expertise. We offer a well-constructed process that entails a detailed examination of your financial matters. We gather and organize all of your financials and then evaluate and make our recommendations, taking our time to look at it from all angles.

    Our Process For Planning
    Your Retirement Income

    Moving from the accumulation phase of financial life (working) to the decumulation phase (retirement) can be very challenging. During the accumulation phase, the focus is generating wealth, while the decumulation phase requires converting wealth into cash.

    Park Place Financial uses a well-constructed process


    We identify the lifestyle spending of a client. This can be done by reviewing a client’s income tax return or looking at actual spending. Inflation can be taken into account.


    Guaranteed income sources such as social security or pensions are analyzed to determine how to best optimize these income sources.


    If lifestyle spending exceeds guaranteed income sources, the difference must be satisfied from accumulated assets. Careful evaluation of the investment risk necessary to meet lifestyle spending must be assessed and monitored.


    Investments are selected based upon their ability, when combined with guaranteed income sources, to satisfy lifestyle spending.

    Start Saving For Your Retirement. Personalize Your Options.

    Park Place Financial offers you many choices of retirement plans and coverage. No matter how much or how little you decide to invest for retirement, we can set you on a course designed to get you to where you want to be financially. Our investment advisors have years of experience in crafting detailed retirement savings plans for our clients.

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