Allison Matzinger


Allison earned her B.A. from the University of St. Thomas with concentrations in Finance, Management, and Marketing. She is a member of the Phi Kappa Theta and Beta Alpha Psi Honor Societies. She has found herself studying, once again, as she obtains her accreditations to become a Certified Financial Planner - however, on this educational endeavor, she is not eating Ramen. 

Allison’s approach to business is personal, adaptive, and direct. She believes an intimate, unabridged understanding of her clients is inherent to successful growth. Allison is relentlessly ebullient, don’t be shy - give her a call, she loves a good prattle.

A Texas native, Allison has found her home in Houston. You can usually find her struggling for air under her Great Dane, Orwell, lacking the inspiration needed to toil with her nihilist novelette, or striving for poker stardom.